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On Eid days, the first order of business at our home was to send special Eid sweets to Adey Hana and her family.

Likewise, on “Ledet” (Christmas) we received similar sweets from them.

Included among them were Yemenis (Hadarem), Italians, hybrid Italians (Hanfes), Amharas, Greeks, Indians (commonly known as Baynan) as well as Muslims, Christians of various denominations, Jews, Hindus and Jehovah.

“I believe in my legal team, they will do their best to get me back on the track.” But she also suggested that her return to Doha could see her compete over distances not covered by the regulations.

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Walking through my neighbourhood, I came across the Khulafah Al-Rashdeen Mosque, the Enda Mariam (Twehdo) church, the Cathedrale (Catholic) Church, the Jewish Synagogue (closed after the migration of Jews to Israel), the Italian school of Potego, the Arabic school of Al-Jaliya, the Greek Club, the American library and many others.

I woke up every morning hearing the azan from the mosques and the bells from the churches.

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