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Over known my male friend for a couple of years now and there has always been a lot of flirting and chemistry between us.Things all came to a head a few weeks ago on a mutual friend's celebration down the pub where we ended up going home together.I actually spoke to my DM and she's been great, she joked that her biggest problem would be his nationality, so that's made me feel a lot happier too.My ex was 17 years older than me, we got together when we were 20 and 37 and stayed together 3 years.

Everything is great, we both really like each other, have a similar sense of humour, similar world views, and have a real good time around each other. But having spoken to a close friend, she says to go for it as.we're both clearly smitten and it doesn't matter what people think, and also pointed out that my own parents have 14 years between them.

Good luck with it OP I have two friends with 30 yr relationships / marriages and that age gap.

We were in our 20's when they met the men who became their dh's.

DH was very chilled and gave me the space I needed, I'll be forever grateful for that.

I accept that I'll probably be alone in my later years but that's what cats and dogs and kids are for hopefully!

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