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Bob (an engineer) asked my mom if we ever got an insurance settlement from the wheel manufacturer. We used to say, if he had to go, this isn’t the worst way.It was a smaller, after-market front wheel, like many choppers had at the time. To me, this is a very strong argument in favor of Don Rich not being at fault in his accident.That brings me to the next thing I have to talk about which is why I do not want to conduct private interviews or conversations in order to create this podcast. The people who knew them and cared about them will lie to themselves and to me to protect their memory. If the person we would be talking about is the opposite of Don Rich and all anyone wants to do is talk shit on them, well, the dead person isn’t here to defend themselves and I don’t like that. I’ve talked about it before; it’s super important to me.When I have a conversation with a person, I’ll admit it, I want them to like me and I want to like them. If a person close to any one of these stories were to give me time out of their day to have a conversation with me about it, I would automatically have feelings of gratitude towards them for doing that.

For one thing, the mainstream conversation about country music always centers on Nashville, as if great country doesn’t come from other states.

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I knew I wanted to talk about Don Rich and Buck Owens in the first season of the podcast – and I knew I had to – because not only was it necessary to lay a foundation for basic concepts like the Bakersfield Sound but also their story covers so much ground and is so fascinating.

Here is the relevant information from the message I received, which, with Vic’s permission, I have slightly edited in the nature of clarity: I am the one who posted about the front wheel of his bike coming apart when he was riding to go fishing with us in Cambria.

One of our neighbors in Bakersfield, named Bob Mc Lean, worked at Halliburton at the time dad was killed.

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