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d) Once the update is submitted, your Awesome Table view will reflect the changes made. But once everything’s configured, existing rows of data and newly submitted form entries will automatically have form-edit link buttons that are accessible from your view.The entire procedure involves several parts (Google Apps) with interdependencies. First, we need to activate a setting in Google Forms that is crucial in the workflow’s functionality.b) Instruct your users to click the edit button to modify the content of a particular record.

This list might also help you in identifying the root cause of the problem, which prevents you from updating your database.

There are two ways that you can refresh the subform whenever the record in the main form changes: When you're using forms and subforms in Access, generally you link your form to your subform with one or more fields. In our example, we have a form called Orders that has a subform called "Order Details".

If you right-click on the subform object and select the properties, you should see that there are two subform properties called "Link Child Fields" and "Link Master Fields".

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For this setup to work: a) Share the relevant view to your targeted audience.

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You must establish the relationship between the two tables.

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