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Materials and Methods Dogs were observed between June 1983 and December 1984 on the Navajo reservation in the southwestern United States and in Ciudad (Cd.) Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Juarez (1,200 m elev.), on the United States-Mexico border directly across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. Juarez is the largest Mexican border city, with a human population approaching 1 million and an area of 4,854 km² .

Three habitat types were selected: urban, rural, and wild. The city is located in the northernmost reaches of the Chihuahuan desert (Schmidt, 1979), with a mean annual precipitation of about 20 cm.

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and are at least the age of majority in their place of domicile, be it 18 or an older age.

Arizona is one of the great states in the Southwest.

Juarez, Mexico (urban site) and on the Navajo reservation (rural and wild sites) between June 1983 and December 1984.

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Seasonal variation in the structure of feral dog packs was influenced by reproduction, both directly (pups born into the pack) and indirectly (pregnant females may temporarily emigrate form the pack to give birth).

Social organization refers to the spatial relationships, group composition, and patterns of social interaction among individuals, and the overall manner in which these variables interact to characterize a population (Bekoff and Wells, 1986).

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The first to be shot by a gunman in West Texas ​Saturday was a state trooper, who is in the hospital in serious but stable condition.

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