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First, like the woman who is looking for a somewhat helpless man, there are men who look for extremely dependent women, and what could be more dependent than someone who is disabled in some way?

And those who are attracted to men who are crippled, and thus helpless in some way."To explain this further—many women look for a "son" or even a baby symbol in their mate—someone they can care for and look after and even dominate.The things people say: "When my girlfriend comes hopping out of the bathroom with her beautiful stump protruding six inches below her baby-doll nightie, my cock immediately roars to attention." "Sitting in the movies, my wife removes her prosthesis and then lets me caress and fondle the stump of her right leg while she plays with my cock.It is the most erotic experience you can imagine." "I love it when my fiancé wraps the sexy stubs of her legs around my hips and squeezes while we are fucking.I interviewed a number of psychologists and psychiatrists about the subject of amputees, and their conjectures and observations were both varied and interesting.A doctor "X" who specializes in treating and rehabilitating wounded veterans, particularly those who have lost arms and legs in battle, had this to say:"Initially, the loss of an arm or a leg is a very traumatic experience for a young man. However, I have had patients who have adjusted extremely well and particularly those who have found a mate or lover who is actually attracted to the amputee.""I think, being perfectly frank, that women who are attracted to amputee men, fall into primarily two categories.

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