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The pitfalls of such social networks are the same as those of dating sites - uncertainty in the interlocutor and the opportunity to become a victim of fraudsters.These services do not have a specific thematic specialization.People who are looking for not just a soul mate, but love for life, on social networks show the utmost honesty.Psychologists justify this by saying that people do not want to waste their time in vain.But at the same time it is possible to communicate only within the framework of this service.Yes, and make acquaintance in the messenger is not easy.In general, for the beginning of a serious relationship, the option is so-so...

Another very popular type of online dating service.

Their peculiarity is that the profile is compiled according to a previously thought out helpful format (in extraordinary columns you put data about the reason of the associate, the highlights of your character and leisure activity, the desires from the acquaintance, etc.).

Among the points of interest of portals: the capacity to raise the survey to the beat, a tremendous selection of options, filter system, auto-match partner based on a well-thought compatibility algorithm.

Psychologists have decided to break acquaintance into several stages: the first glance, with which the two people assess each other; the first 10 seconds of a comprehensive assessment of the impression made; first ten minutes of conversation; the first hour spent together.

It is believed that these milestones, although one after another, step by step, and often, as in a computer game, mean a transition from one level to the next, perhaps more difficult, but, nevertheless, equally important for the continuation of dating and the development of future relationship.

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