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In 1850 three gentlemen got together in Paris to establish a firm dedicated to the fabrication of Meerschaum pipes – a courageous step in politically restless times.

Ganneval probably came from the area of Saint-Claude where he had learned making wooden pipes.

But toward the end of the 19th century, the demand changed.

For example the Britons preferred darker stainings.

Few details are known about the early fabrication of Meerschaum pipes.

But as elsewhere too, the bulk was made as figural carvings.

Bondier's family obviously came from Paris and had emigrated in 1789 to Geneva.

London GBDs mainly went into the national trade and as well into the British Empire and the USA.The winner of the day was the Billiard (36 shapes now), along with 36 Bents and 32 Dublins / Zulus. Being the most important customer in the English speaking world, Oppenheimer & Co. It was opened in 1903, but the forecasts had been over-optimistic for it's capacity could not be utilized to the full until World War I.were designated as sole distributor for Great Britain, the USA and Canada in 1897. Things changed as the French pipe factories lacked more and more workers who were called to the front.) In the first decade of the 20th century stems made of amber and synthetic amber were still widely used, but Vulcanite and horn had become the most popular materials. His brothers David and Adolphe and brother-in-law Louis Adler soon joined him. Beside it's very own commercial activities in pipe production it's main task was to supply prefabricated bowls.A further sign of the times were army mount pipes which were available meanwhile in 30 different shapes of inceasing popularity. There is a very simple explanation for GBD's program to turn more "British": GBD became a British company soon after the turn of the century! Adolphe took over when Charles went to Germany as British ambassador. The business relation to GBD in Paris began as early as 1870. page) - a British firm with four directors: Adolphe Oppenheimer and James Adler had their seat in the head office in London while Auguste Marechal and Ferdinand Ruchon went on leading the GBD factory in the Rue des Balkan in Paris, which was considerably extended and modernised. At the same time when the negotiatios with GBD started Oppenheimer also acquired two pipe factories in Saint-Claude: Sina & Cie. Simultaneously Oppenheimer started to build a pipe factory in London.

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