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Kelly Osbourne's former boyfriend Bert Mccracken and his band The Used have been banned from performing in Canada for a decade due to the frontman's criminal record. THE USED frontman BERT MCCRACKEN isn't as tough as his rock star persona - revealing he frequently breaks down in tears. Pop star KELLY OSBOURNE has reportedly found love with screen hunk KEVIN ZEGERS.

rocker, who once dated Kelly Osbourne, says he regularly finds himself overwhelmed...

Reality TV star-turned-singer KELLY OSBOURNE is still reeling from her 2003 break-up with THE USED singer BERT Mc CRACKEN and insists she still finds it hard to trust boys and fall in love. KELLY OSBOURNE has been romantically linked to yet another musician.

Osbourne, daughter of rocker OZZY OSBOURNE, has been seen out and about with musician MICHAEL DAVIC in Vancouver, Canada, where she's filming her new...

KELLY OSBOURNE's ex-boyfriend has been told he has to give up booze after being diagnosed with pancreatitis.

THE USED frontman BERT Mc CRACKEN admits his partying ways have caused him a series of health crises....

"You can take a seat right there." She pointed at an empty seat on the right.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction This story is inspired by the song Pas de Deux by Dodie Clark.He understood that that would not end well for either of them. Ray took Gee into his arms and hugged him warmly, kissing his hair softly. "I know what will cheer you up," he said, opening Gerard's nightstand drawer and removing one of many pacifiers. This particular one was pink and sparkles and purple handle. Gerard obeyed, opening his mouth, Ray putting the soft plastic bit into Gerard's mouth for him to suck. Gee perked up and little bit after that, and eventually got dressed.

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