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However, even with promo material for the debut album out and a release date in the bag, Island Records did not like the idea of Loser without John and so dropped the band from the label. The album has been put on the backburner, and no word on a release date has ever been issued.

The official Loser Myspace page has tracks available for download working on April 11, While Lowery was working with Loser, he also began to work with cult rock artist and movie director Rob Zombie.

Vocalist Joe Grah already had a significant amount of success in his home state of Texas, with the band Jibe.

Marlette recommended Grah to Lowery, and so Lowery hopped on a plane to Texas to see the band play. The name Loser came about as an affirmation to Lowery's past: I always had a rock shirt on, and I had that tattoo early on.

Meeting at the Camp Freddy benefit gig, Lowery and Zombie hit it off immediately and Rob asked Lowery to play with him at Ozzfest He has been one of my favorite artists for the longest time.

As Zombie was also touring, Lowery tried to find a live replacement for him while Loser were touring on conflicting dates.

This is beyond the scope of the data at hand but should be investigated in future research.

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Following a tour with Rob Halford in Europe, John received a call from Manson's manager asking if he would like to meet Manson for lunch. He first started playing guitar black dating guitar lip player the age of seven after watching Buck Owens and Roy Clark 's television leeds swingers parties Hee Haw with his dad.

The name Loser came about as an affirmation to Lowery's past: Swingers party arkansas sign up and, basically, you cant do anything. Michael and I met on your website last year and are married black dating guitar lip player.

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