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The Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz with the Swiss Rhine Valley in the background.

Photo: The Local Zero In case you were wondering how many soldiers there are in Liechtenstein, here is your answer.

He was an incredibly popular figure and under his reign, the country underwent a huge transformation from a poor, rural nation into a wealthy modern country.

Older people across the border in Switzerland will tell you that it was always possible to spot Liechtensteiners because they were the ones without shoes.

Without foreign workers, the country's economy would be in dire straits.

34 percent Just over one in three people living in Liechtenstein are foreigners with the largest groups being the Swiss, Austrians and Germans.

That’s just behind Gibraltar and around the same number as Monaco.

Two Although the two parts of Liechtenstein have been unified for 300 years, the country is still divided between people from the Unterland (the north of the country) and the Oberland (the south).There are slight differences in accent between the two regions – although outsiders would be hard pressed to pick up on them.Meanwhile, the high altitude village of Triesenberg is a world unto itself having been founded by Walser people, who originally migrated from the Swiss canton of Valais around 700 years ago.If you enter the principality from neighbouring Austria, you pass a Swiss customs post.Twice This is how often the Principality of Liechtenstein has been accidentally “invaded” by Switzerland in the last three decades.

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On Thursday, Liechtenstein will be celebrating its August 15th national day.

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