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Factors like the decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field, changes in solar activity received by the earth, radical changes to the There are over 100 C14 labs doing a total of 10s of thousands at least of tests annually.

Second, while agreement on an outcome among several independent techniques is generally considered a good indication of a reasonably reliable outcome, all tree-ring chronologies are derived using the same basic assumptions, so they can hardly be considered to be independent determinations.

I also question the idea that C calibration can take account of ‘altered solar activity’ as you put it.

If these changes in the past have not been observed, then they cannot be accurately quantified and so the models cannot take such changes into account.

He doubts that two different methods would produce the ‘same curve’ on a sample for the following reasons: C in the atmosphere is increasing over time.

Not only are we not in equilibrium since Creation, but the magnetic field of the earth is continually declining.

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You can't really age-date a coral skeleton based on oxygen isotope ratios without already knowing where it is in relation to already-dated corals, for different dates can yield the same ratio.

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