Catholic dating views

Priests and nuns, for example, take the oath of chastity and avow to remain virgins to completely commit their lives to God.

If they were to indulge in sexual activity, they could not give themselves wholly to God because they would have shared a part of themselves with another person.

Instead, your dating relationship might provide an opportunity to learn about each other’s beliefs.

You may want to attend each other’s Church on a Sunday and learn what is important to each of you about the tradition to which you belong.

The Catholic Church believes in a natural bureaucracy of authority, flowing from Christ, through the Church, and even down into the family unit.If the relationship becomes serious and seems headed toward marriage you may even want to study each other’s beliefs in more depth.Most Catholic churches offer a regular class explaining Catholic belief and practice and other Christian churches have similiar classes to teach about their own traditions.Catholics view love as an act of will, devotion, unselfishness and sacrifice. In Catholicism, sex is the literal act of love or the giving of one's self.The idea of sex as the giving of one's self influences many of the sexual ideologies of the Catholic Church.

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