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Once you’re approved, you are automatically approved for the total eligible student loan amount listed on your credit report.

And if you’re managing credit card debt too, check out our post on when to refinance it. Browse Resource Library Refinancing student loans makes sense for many people if they are eligible.

Here at Earnest, the entire application process is online, and you could have your new low interest rate loan in less than a week.

It’s possible to consolidate federal student loans (Federal Perkins, Direct subsidized, Direct unsubsidized, and Direct PLUS loans) with a Direct Consolidation Loan from the Department of Education, but this will not allow you to lower your interest rate and private student loans are not eligible. The longer you hold your loan at a higher rate, the more interest you are accruing—even if you are in a grace period.

But you might want to think twice before refinancing your federal loans, as you’ll lose out on several benefits like income-based repayments and some forgiveness programs.

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When you refinance student loans, you consolidate your existing federal and private education loans into a single loan.

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