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Touching Cora would cause a scandal that would throw everything I've worked for into the garbage. So I know better than to go near this barely eighteen year old. Only thing is Cora is Michael’s business partner’s daughter and she is their new intern.

You think the story is just about these two sneaking around and getting naughty, but then a side plot reveals itself and you’re like WOAH! Quick, smutty, and fun.5 Sexy Stars I loved this!!!!!

The story was more about the chemistry between Michael and Cora and the hot passion they had which translated to the great sex scenes they had.

Now as for the plot, it came off as a bit flimsy or weak but in this case, the steamy passion the main characters made up for it.

After some very steamy, sexy time elapses of them being together, Jack finds out and threatens Michael in a way he never thought he would.

Once Cora senses something is wrong, she goes to Michael and knows that things definitely aren’t right.

Well I see him a lot because of car shows as I go with my dad, we always joke around and flirt but I thought nothing of it as I thought it was never going to happen.

He started texting me couple of days ago (not in a creepy way)and told me he likes methere is a hell of a age gap (15) but I do like him I thinkhe wants to keep it secret from my dad, I don't know what to do ://please help!

She's supposed to be an intern at my company but she acts like her real job is making my pants too tight. She's supposed to be an intern at my company but she acts like her real job is making my pants too tight. I adored the quick relationship of Michael and Cora and selfishly would have loved a longer book on them but this was just as perfect for a Sunday read!!!!!! The funny thing is as much as I️ love this author when I️ first saw this book I️ thought, hmmmm, another dads friend story but this book was soooo awesome:)As usual, I️t was a quick read filled with the insta trifecta of love, lust and hotness!!!!

I completely disliked Cora’s father and Michael’s business partner Jack.

I wish there was some followup as to what happened to him …

Jack was a busy boy and not a good business partner….

I would have liked to hear what became of him but overall, this was a good story , just would have liked to see more plot –It just seemed the characters jumped into bed alittle too quick but like I said, I liked Cora and Michael.

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Completely told from the man's point of view, I found it refreshing, and just perfect with that epilogue full of banter and romantic mischief.

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