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Spira says anyone who puts this on their profile means they may not be in the best headspace, since they just experienced a crappy experience.It’s also something you can add if you want to be clear you’re only looking for someone to bring joy to your life, and not complications.Unmatch them, lose their number, and walk away with your head held high,” she shares.

The only thing she loves almost as much as crafting content as an Editorial Intern at The Muse is studying content as an English Major at Columbia University. Maybe they really, really love watching the ridiculous shows on TLC? Nah, not so much, rather they are looking for real, true, amazing, all-in type of love.Spira says this term is exactly what you think it means: Tender Loving Care.“Someone listing this on their profile isn’t looking for aa committed relationship, and is likely to have you in rotation with other casual sex partners,” Spira shares. If so, BDSM may be an exciting planet that’s yet to circle in your solar system.Spira explains this stands for ‘Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism or Sadomasochism.’ Yep, it’s a long one but it’s meant to cover a vast variety of various bondage and sometimes, degrading, sexual acts. “It’s an erotic game playing that can be painful, and one needs to know the rules before agreeing to try it out,” Spira shares.

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There is likely an app for those singles that no one has access to unless you’re among them, but for the rest of us, NSA stands for No Strings Attached.

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