Dating awhile married kid on way

In fact, I'm more outspoken in general."—*Courtney Davis, 25, Kalamazoo, Mich.; married a year and a half *"I put a lot of energy into being my best physically and attracting other people when I was single—spending time at the gym, shopping for clothes.

So marriage cleared up a lot of space in my life to not have to think about that.

It shouldn't matter what my marital status is.

But at the same time, now that I know the maturity it takes to make a lifelong promise, I understand how people could have more respect for someone who's taken such a serious step in their life."—Your sense of commitment When you're dating, the subject is relationship kryptonite. And, couples say, it's a new source of strength."I woke up at A. My wife was passing blood—she was having a miscarriage.

I hang out less with my single friends because they are out hunting their next prey.

I still have happy hour every week with them, but I'm beginning to realize that single people are more selfish.

But when you're married, commitment is de facto. As I stayed by her side at the hospital for the next 23 hours, I thought, You're in deep waters. Since our wedding, I think there's more reassurance."—"You can be honest when you're married.

Honestly, we were very close before we got married, but it was there that I thought, This is what commitment is: There's no going back."—"I travel for work with male colleagues sometimes. If I'm about to go out and my hair looks stupid, she'll tell me. I buy things and hide the bags in my trunk until he's not home so I can hang up the clothes, jewelry, or shoes and take the tags off. He has been sitting down with me and I'm improving, but it's our biggest struggle."—*Brittnie Wells, 27, Herrin, Ill.; married four years *"My wife handles all our money.

My parents are more Hey, do your own thing.' So I'm still learning to navigate."—"Marriage does change your friendships.For females, it's easy to spend 100 bucks on a face wash…and then there are the manicures and pedicures. ' Had he said, You know, I want to buy this tool,' I would have been, Yeah, honey, go.' I was definitely upset.That's when we talked about making those big decisions together.Starting with…Your sex life Wild nookie in a party coat closet? But familiarity can be pretty erotic, they told us—and, hey, nothing wrong with knowing what works!"I think you get more adventurous when you're married.

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