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The last theory, dear readers, is – in a way – still connected to how different “religions have influenced our cultures“. Now think about the Mediterranean architecture: we had something called Baroque, where too much was really not too much.

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To clarify: you hear with your hands, taste with your eyes, smell with your tongue. Here sex is seen as something normal, something that is OK.

In North America, the practice of "going Dutch" is often related to specific situations or events.Slaves serve; they do things for you and you don’t have to give anything back. Well, this is practically what still happens between the sheets. You can jump, dance with empty coconuts on your butt, put the curtains on fire… You only know they are alive because if you place a mirror in front of their mouth you can see that they’re breathing. In Iraq, the expression is Maṣlawiya (), referring to the people of Damascus in Syria, who are supposedly stingy.Another similar expression is sherke halabieh (meaning 'sharing the Aleppo way'), which bears a similar connotation.

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The term stems from restaurant dining etiquette in the Western world where each person pays for their meal.

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