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In the age of online dating, media outlets have been fascinated by women who are in it for the food.Often they are portrayed as wily and deceptive, a category of person to be cautious about.

“If it involves food,” she said, “I am always down.”Read: What does it mean to be ‘ready’ for a relationship?“For instance, it’s possible that being lied to repeatedly or mistreated in a past relationship may cause someone to be more calculated and manipulative when dating.”Another pattern the researchers found is that the women who went on dates primarily to eat for free were more likely to have more traditional beliefs about gender roles, which is something that the researchers tried to measure with other survey questions.One possible explanation for this is that women who were generally uncomfortable with having a man pay for a date were also uncomfortable doing so for the purpose of getting free food.“We chose this focus in part because of its consistency with traditional dating scripts and because this type of foodie call has received media attention,” the researchers write.And second, the responses of the women surveyed—who were recruited via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform, which many researchers use to find subjects who will complete short tasks in exchange for modest cash payments—don’t necessarily represent the practices of any broader population of daters.

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But those who had gone on a free-food date reported having done it an average of about five times, and about a quarter of those who’d done it at least once said they do it “frequently” or “very frequently.”There are a couple of limitations to the study, though.

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