Dating genital herpes advice

Your husband or a partner before your marriage might have transmitted it to you without ever knowing they were carrying the virus.Don’t assume that your husband was unfaithful – if he had herpes, he might have gotten it before you met.They should not have blamed you or shamed you – they both made their own decisions not to use safer sex.

Bad decision on the part of your dates to go without barrier protection even though they know you have herpes.

I was monogamous during my marriage (I can’t vouch for my husband) and had no partners between our divorce and the diagnosis.

I’ve been taking acyclovir daily since that doctor visit and have never had an outbreak.

These dams are latex or nitrile squares or rectangles placed over the vulva and secured with your or your partner’s hands. Although there’s no cure for herpes, you’ve seen that taking the antiviral medication acyclovir can suppress outbreaks.

I asked pharmacist Paul Roberts about the drugs’ effects on transmission: “Taking antiviral suppressive therapy daily, such as acyclovir or Valtrex,” he told me, “has been found to be very effective in preventing transmission.

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