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Ehrensaft said they offered benefits for most -- under certain conditions.'' Historically, parents have monitored adolescent relationships,'' she said, ''but changes in the social fabric now mean that kids get less of that kind of protection.'' Nonetheless, she said, ''when healthier kids begin dating, they do more things in groups, maintain diverse friendships and are supervised.'' Under those conditions, she said, young people can ''be exposed to the opposite sex's ways and practice skills that will be useful later in marriage.'' Where romantic relationships are concerned, it may indeed be that practice makes perfect. Kaufman lists improved social skills, knowledge about the opposite sex, new interests like sports or hobbies and -- at a time of risk taking -- partners who watch out for each other.

Notwithstanding the need for vigilance, she said that parents must come to terms with the fact that teenagers will have relationships.Joyner said, '' Maybe we learn something from our early relationships, so that as adults, we're better off.'' Dr. Based on modern research, parents of Romeos and Juliets could do worse than to embrace their own parents' standards for teenage dating: adult supervision and some basic rules, like curfews.Miriam Kaufman, a pediatrician and an associate professor at the University of Toronto Medical School and the author of the book '' Overcoming Teen Depression,'' agreed with Dr. Researchers also urge adults to be alert to signs that a relationship is too consuming, reduces other social contacts or incites jealousy and feelings of ownership or coercion -- risk factors for partner abuse that, Dr.Lately, teenage romance has caught the attention of a number of researchers, who are increasingly interested in its potentially positive as well as negative effects -- not just on adolescence, but on adult relationships and well-being. Wyndol Furman, an editor of the book '' The Development of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence,'' understanding teenage dating means understanding that adolescence is ''a roiling emotional caldron whose major fuel -- more than parents, peers or school and almost as much as those things combined -- is the opposite sex.'' Dr.Furman, a professor of psychology at the University of Denver, said adolescents' lack of social skills and emotional control can make relationships difficult.

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