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If you are already living here then you have your work cut out for you.If you have a trip planned make the most of it, and if you are doing research to decide whether or not you should go then you probably know the answer already.If you are just here for a short while you will definitely need luck on your side to hook up.Try hanging out at Tahlia Street where there are many cafes, or Thumamah Street just outside of town where you can find bars that offer shisha and get in with that crowd.There are parties here where you can get drunk and hook up with girls in Riyadh, but they won’t be easy to track down. Pretty much from the moment you arrive, or even before you arrive, you need to start trying to grow your social circle and meeting as many people as you can. Find expat groups on Facebook, join expat clubs, mingle with any expats that you come across and be friendly.Hope that eventually you start getting told where the party is at and can get on a guest list.

Online dating is the modern and easy way to get to know someone without pressure from your own home.We aren’t even sure if we should try to cover cities in Saudi Arabia, but we are going to give this one a shot and see how it goes.You probably already know that alcohol is illegal here which really hurts your options for meeting single girls in Riyadh.They will want to limit their competition to maximize their chance of getting laid.A guy they don’t know or even worse a group of guys they don’t know bring nothing to the table.

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We always start our posts out with a list of nightclubs and pick up bars because most guys prefer to go out after dark to meet women and try to hook up.

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