Dating someone after being friends

"The best way to tell if you are better off as friends is [asking yourself] how much you respect their values," life coach Kali Rogers tells Bustle."We can be friends with a lot of people with varying values, but it's totally different when you start dating them." Still, if they seem to tick all of the boxes and the chemistry is there, then it may be something to consider."You can’t know how the romantic relationship will actually end up, but if one of you wants a very casual fling and the other is looking for a serious relationship, it’s already a recipe for disaster!Hopefully, since you are already good friends, you can have a frank and open conversation about expectations." And then be sure to keep that conversation going."Some friendships might get stronger, and you might find that if they also meet someone, that you can grow closer," Safran explains.

But if you do, just try to remember that it's normal. If you're happy with the person you're dating, and all your friends are single, it can be hard to commiserate together over certain relationship woes, like swiping on apps or bad first dates.

In fact, you might even bond with some friends about their past relationships now that you know what it's like.

Or maybe you'll grow closer if your new bae helps your friend meet someone new.

"It's a normal part of life to have some friendships that last and some that do not," Stef Safran, matchmaking and dating expert, tells Elite Daily.

"When people get married, move or have kids, things change."The thing is, even if you aren't planning on settling down with the person you're dating any time soon, the fact that you're seeing someone when you've been single for a while might actually have the power to change the dynamics within your friendships, even if you don't intend it to. You're spending more time with your partner, you're trying new things, and your free time is sparse.

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  1. “To speak to Annie about it and if she chose, then she dealt with the children. Let your ex know you’re dating; don’t let him or her find out from the kid or a friend.

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