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He seemed like a nice guy so I agreed to go out for dinner one night. And as I have written several times on this blog, how a man treats you is So I waited. Writing allows me time to organize and present my thoughts. But does any of the aforementioned sound just a little bit crazy to you??

If you’re still blaming your ex for everything that went wrong in your relationship, you’re not ready to date yet. However, if getting back your treasured, perfectly worn hoodie or epic snow-globe collection is crucial to your sense of well-being, you need to get that crap back as soon as possible and You’ve reached the point where you’re no longer constantly talking or thinking about your ex. It’s totally normal to think about your ex and want to talk about the break up after it happens.Instead, you’re dating because you’re ready to move on and meet new people.Simone Paget Simone is a freelance writer and author of the sexy and irreverent blog Skinny Dip.When she's not writing her heart out, she loves wandering her city with a large cup of coffee in hand, in search of the next great story. I used the infamous Tinder dating app in meeting him. He wined and dined me, bought me gifts, adored me, listened to me when I was upset, was emotionally supportive, was sweet to my little girl, complimented me, and even helped me a little financially at times. Especially during Christmas time when I was struggling as a single mom with no child support. I hope to have that again someday, and with someone I can actually have feelings for. God, things would have been so much easier if I had loved him back. He did everything a man should do for the woman he loves. Now, before you judge me about breaking up with a man over text, realize first, I am a writer.

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