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They see long-term in a very different light than someone who is 25. Goals, passions, and what drives them look a hell of a lot different than they did one or two decades ago. So traveling to exotic places, that fancy remodel we been talking about as “someday,” and writing that book we’ve been crafting in our head for the last ten years start to take shape.

Rather than assuming that chronological age is a determinant of potential dating success, romantic desirability, or sexual attraction, Conway-Beam and Buss (2019) provide these important considerations: Age Is More Than a Number have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.

Why do we pay attention to age when it comes to dating preferences?

How important is chronological age when it comes to relationships?

Or are you annoyed with people saying you're "robbing the cradle"? There's no doubt that age gaps can be a point of stress for couples.

Even established couples might have to deal with social scrutiny if one partner is considerably older than the other.

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He was dating when I was calling boys “cootie monsters.” We could play this game all day. Having recently ended a relationship with a 26-year-old (going on 4), I was blown away with the maturity and self-sufficiency of my now-husband.

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