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While all of the American women are busy hoping a guy will notice them, you’ll already have his number. If you met online, don’t be surprised if your date prefers your first meeting to take place a public space, during the day. If you’d rather do something more active than meetup at a bar or restaurant, that’s great! For example, the beach or bowling can be a great first date. Although online dating is popular in America, people are still fairly cautious about going to a stranger’s house or getting in their car. It’s worth noting, though, that it’s mainly men holding on to this old-fashioned belief.After you’ve connected with someone, the generally accepted “sweet spot” is to spend at least three days texting with them before suggesting a day and time for your first date. It’s OK to wait longer than three days, but try not to wait longer than a week. While there are women who think men should foot the entire bill, they’re now in the minority.Waiting too long to plan a date might make the other person think you’re not really interested or (in the case of online dating) catfishing. These days, the majority of women think either person can pick up the check, that it should be split.While it’s common in Germany to take things slow, Americans tend to move on quickly if they think the other person isn’t interested. If you’re a German man, don’t reach for your wallet right away when the bill comes. Ladies, go ahead and offer to split the bill; your American date will (probably) be relieved.

Other options include cafes, bookshops, board game groups, church…basically, anywhere.Germans tend to just “let it happen,” rather than having a talk or making an announcement to their friends and family.It can be months before Germans consider themselves a couple, even if they haven’t been seeing other people.What those women don’t realize is that, not only do most men want women to make the first move, making the first move actually makes women more successful in finding love. A classic American first date is dinner and a movie.So don’t change a thing if you’re an assertive German woman. Modern guides will tell you to skip the movie, though, since you can’t get to know each other while sitting in silence. Unless you already know and trust each other fairly well, you will probably arrive separately. In America, the majority of people still believe men should pay the entire bill.

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