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However I left with some great experience and amazing friends.

The men's toilet in the place is the most disgusting thing I've seen in my life. Currently work here, place is a joke, no variance in shifts, short payments, spoken to like a child, expected to clean up after management, put done for shifts without asking you, no breaks, no 11 hours in between shifts, stay away Worked as a Manager with this company, run down site, pumps not working, outdated tills, worked 60-70 hrs a week but was only paid my flat salaried rate of 40 hrs.It’s a terrible company to work for , you get treat like animals , higher management don’t give you any appreciation for what you do , you get no breaks in the long hours you work . They are some of the best people I've ever worked with, even on really tough days they'll get you through anything!I joined the company after a bad experience in a previous job, I was disheartened and desperate.If you fancy working your self up the ladder to higher jobs then this is easally achievable even if you fancy moving no need to leave as this company has 44 sites all over and a don't know if I said this already but the managers are great couldn't ask for a better boss one of the reasons I have no intentions of ever leaving Awful business to work for.Managers bully the staff so much as to give me a warning because I got assaulted and needed a day off to be monitored for concussion.

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