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Just like in real life, “like-minded people are probably going to spend time in places they like,” Chan said.A friend of hers likes to look for interesting prospects using Instagram by searching for people who’ve visited his favourite restaurants.So when do you take the big step and change your relationship status?Cobden’s advice is simple: “If you aren’t calling that person your boyfriend in real life, or if you aren’t introducing them to your friends as your boyfriend, do not change your status.”Chan believes that any status change should be approached with extreme caution.“I think any time you put some sort of a title on a relationship or use words like ‘I love you,’ they come with a commitment and a promise. She points out that many couples — even married ones — leave their relationship statuses blank.“People put so much meaning on these things that are so trivial and I think what people need to do is look at the root of what that insecurity is,” she said.“It really was to create this great connection with me.”Marketer by day, relationship columnist at Just My by night, Chan has a heavy social media presence, making connections and promoting her work on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Both Chan and Cobden caution heterosexual men against posting too many photos of themselves with sexy bikini models, and suggest that too many drunk party photos aren’t a great idea for anyone. If you’re really negative, and someone comes (online) and sees you, then that’s a huge turnoff.”On the flip side, Chan recommends against doing too much Facebook stalking before going on a date.Amy Chan felt an almost instant connection with this guy.It was their first date and it seemed like he shared all of her deepest feelings on life and love.“He would say things that were pretty much word for word some of my theories,” she said later. We totally think the same way.”It would take a few more dates before Chan, a writer, realized the truth: His ideas sounded just like her ideas because they were, well, her ideas.“He actually did read my work and he did quote me back at me,” she said.You can ask your friends about the person,” Chan said.“The thing with online dating is that filtering is a very time-consuming thing. One prolific Vancouver dater, who asked not to be named to protect her dignity, has tried using Facebook to lure an interesting prospect through jealousy.“Recently, I made out with a friend I’ve known for almost 20 years. The same woman has also experienced some of the embarrassing dangers of online cruising.“I was creeping a crush’s photos and I noticed a girl coming up in a few of them.I don’t really know where we stand now so, on Facebook, I posted pics of flowers I got (from my boss) à la Cher from Clueless just to make it seem like I was in demand. Of course, I went to her profile to see exactly who she was and mistakenly clicked on ‘Add friend.’ I took it back right away, but still, super awkward.”It is possible to meet someone great through social media.

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