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As a cartoonist Firth's work is largely distributed via the Internet, most notably through the popular Adobe Flash animation web site Newgrounds, as well as his own personal sites.Several of his works in cartoon flash animation, as well as his multiple music videos and works of video art have garnered large followings, and include some of the most acclaimed video series online.

“We wanted a wedding that would reflect us,” David says. We took a tour of the Whiskey Factory and knew it was the perfect spot.” Given their industrial venue and offbeat color scheme, the couple also wanted wedding attire that would reflect their personalities. We found our suits at Men’s Wearhouse, but we wanted to encourage everyone to wear things that were their own style.He also created a Flash animation series called "Jerry Jackson", viewable on Newgrounds and his own site, in which a cartoon character ironically pretends to be "a professional animator", even though the animation is intentionally poorly crafted.Jerry Jackson was also based on the people who would write badly written hate comments on his videos, as he would read them, he imagined that they spoke like Jerry Jackson.Firth is a fan of Aphex Twin, and has used references such as the song "Milkman" in a cartoon also titled "Milkman".Also, in the cartoon "Scribbler", an Aphex Twin poster can be seen.

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