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Warnings can impart a sense of control, but if nothing comes of them, people are more likely to disregard the next one.

I think people are overloaded with information more specifically, warnings on products, food labels, public safety, the weather, Gold said.

But in almost all of those cases, major fires did not develop unless there were strong winds, too.

The new standards call for sustained winds of at least 25 mph or frequent gusts of 35 mph, combined with 15 percent or lower humidity over at least six hours.

Previously, many warnings during the fall stayed in effect for several days after Santa Ana winds died down but humidity levels remained low.

In some cases, the absence of red-flag warnings will mean that campfires that would have been banned will be permitted, and some U. Forest Service areas that might have been closed could remain open.

Fire has long been used as a weapon through history and continues to be an effective means of terrorism to this day.

In his keynote address at the Firehouse World conference in San Diego, Robert Baird, Fire and Aviation Management, U. Forest Service, said pyroterrorism is something all responders need to be prepared to combat.

They should result in about half as many red-flag warnings being issued, given similar weather patterns.

And the warnings will probably expire after fewer days, said weather service forecaster Steve Vanderburg.

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