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The neighbor can respond back saying “I’m still waiting for a Reply from Router X” - This will preserve the neighbor relationship, rather than resetting it.If the second SIA Query is unresponsive then we can assume the neighbor state is bad and proceed with a reset.

Once all of those neighbors have Replied, then send back a Reply to the original Querying neighbor.

If the destination is found through a Successor or Feasible Successor other than the neighbor sending the query, immediately send a Reply with the route component metrics (K values) back to the Querying neighbor.

The Querying neighbor must immediately send back an ACK to acknowledge the Reply was received.

EIGRP Hold Time and SIA Timer relationship: When a router sends a Query to a neighbor it will start the Active timer and expect a Acknowledgement before it expects a Reply.

If no Ack is received, it will keep retransmitting for the period of the HOLD time before giving up and reseting the neighbor.

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If unicast ACKs are not received from a neighbor after the RTO time (Retransmission Time Out), another update message will be sent directly to that neighbor via unicast.

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