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First off, you’re going to need an FTP server to serve the necessary files to the phones. I have an “Apps server” that my Lync utils live on, so it made sense that this was where I’d put Filezilla and the Polycom firmware and config.If you haven’t yet, source the bootrom and firmware from here, copy them to the Firmware folder and explode.Keep going here to add the username and password you earlier set in File Zilla.“OK” when you’ve done, then back-arrow until you’re prompted to save config: If the phone doesn’t automatically reboot at this point, back-arrow or press Menu to get out, then select Menu, 3Status, 1Basic, 4Restart Phone and Yes. At this point, the screen on the phone cycled through a range of messages: Once you make it through all of the above, you have a phone ready to talk to Lync, but it’s not yet authenticated.However, for every phone, you should inform the customer the downgrade process will take approximately 5-10 minutes per phone. If the default password is not working, you must follow the guide to reset the Password on Polycom Sound Point phones to default. However, Cbeyond does not have any documentation on other TFTP/FTP Servers at this time.

Because my Lync deployment is all anchored to my Lab’s root cert, I just exported the root cert from my server. Navigate to the Console Root / Certificates (Local Computer) / Trusted Root Certification Authorities / Certificates and click to select your root cert.

Anyways, after you’ve changed your password to something not-quite-so-complex and entered them into the phone, press the back-arrow. There are a few other strikes against the Sound Points to take into consideration: The Sound Point range is a broad family of SIP handsets that you can now re-birth for Lync.

At “Confirmation – Login Credentials” select Yes and then back-arrow to the start. If you have stacks of them (say you’re migrating to Lync from a SIP Centrex service) then you stand to save a fortune by not having to replace them.

This is what the file should look like now: If you type ^N at this point you’ll be prompted to save the file, and it closes it (opening a new blank document). On my 321 I needed to take the following route to get to the config menu to tell it where to find the FTP server: Menu / 3Settings / 2Advanced / 456Enter / 1Admin Settings / 1Network Configuration then Down 3 times to reach the Server Menu, and follow your nose from here to select Server Type=FTP & give it an address.

When a phone contacts the FTP server, it’s going to first look for a unique config file (.cfg”) that provides the domain and the user’s login name. If you end up with letters or * when you press *, hit “#” until the top of the screen says “IP”.

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