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The more fossilized remains available for study, the more information can be obtained and a more complete understanding achieved.

The incomplete fossil record is due in part to lack of discovery, as only some areas are the focus of excavation and investigation.

In addition, local climatic and environmental conditions determine whether fossilization will occur, so that there is differential preservation among different locations.

Moreover, the rock sequences are not always complete in all places, so certain periods cannot be investigated.

The DNA can then be analyzed to learn more about the organism.

Any living organism can become fossilized, including bacteria, plants, and animals.

As you move down from the surface, the layers get progressively older.

Response: Niels Stensen created the Law of Superposition, which is the foundation for relative dating methods.

This law states that the youngest objects or layers are on the top, while the older objects and layers are deeper.

See Figure 8.13 Fluorine Dating Response: Fossils are the remains of deceased organisms that have become rock, enabling them to be preserved for thousands or millions of years.

Inorganic materials, such as iron and silica slowly and steadily replace the organic materials, like calcium and phosphorus, in the organism.

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These specific required conditions explain why fossils are so rare. : The Making of the Biological Past Response: Since fossilization requires very unique circumstances, fossils are very rare.

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