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" Sara: "You Mistress." Mistress Anderson: "That is correct.But apparently you have not learned your lesson yet. I'll be right back." Sara didn't have long to wonder where Mistress Anderson went.In return you will experience pleasure beyond your wildest expectations." While making these statements, Mistress Anderson has been increasing the pressure on Sara's clit.Unknown to Sara, the mystery woman has setup a video camera looking down the length of the bed. She needed to feel him inside her and entreated his attentions. Their lovemaking was the most passionate they had experienced in some time. In the bathroom, Sara looked at herself in the mirror. Sara knew it would be impossible for her to clean her pussy without cumming so she resolved to wait until tomorrow morning. As she felt herself reaching a peak, Sara willed herself to think of something else. Sara gave him a kiss, thanked him and when into the bathroom to wash up. She almost swooned with need, but just as quickly removed her hand. It was that last thought that kept Sara from going over the edge.

After about 10 spanks, the pain began to turn to a heat spreading throughout Sara's body.

Sara was lost in though pondering that question until she suddenly realized it was 9am. She knew she was wet and it took all her will not to masturbate to orgasm. Anderson would be able to tell Sara had disobeyed her orders. Maybe, although Sara thought she had followed the instructions correctly. Mistress A continued to slowly to slowly rub Sara's clit while continuing to probe Sara's pussy with her middle finger. Nod your head if you understand." Sara quickly nods, and then moans her Mistress increases the speed of her ministrations. From now on, your body belongs to me to use as I please.

Sara also knew it would not be difficult to remain in the aroused state Mrs. Sara pulled the veil over her head and let her mind run wild. I will not interfere with your family life and your husband does not need to know what a slut you really are. You will not refuse any request I make and will need to ask permission to cum.

You will notice a few breaks in continuity and cliffhanger endings to paragraphs. They do seem weird when strung together, but I really don't want to rewrite the transitions so you'll just have to deal with it :-) The basic premise of Soccer Mom is our heroine Sara, a beautiful young housewife, is seduced by the wife of her husband's boss, Mrs. That is where The Adventures of Sara picks up the story. Greeted by the sight of Sara in her wedding dress, freshly shaved with her hand spreading her obviously wet pussy lips pleased the older woman. Open and ready for me I see." Sara smiled weakly, humiliated at her body's response to the older woman. Sara's husband was off to the office and the kids to the school bus. Either she was putting on her wedding dress and giving herself to a woman she hard knew and didn't like or she was going to risk having Mrs. Originally she wore fancy lace lingerie, but she figured for this occasion, that would be a waste. Sara quickly corralled the dog and brought him to his cage in the garage. She had been waiting in bed for about an hour and a half. " Mistress Anderson: "Yesterday I ordered you not to cum. You are to serve her as you would serve me." Sara hears movement in the room.

I received much positive feedback about where I took the story and hope you enjoy it. The surprise of finding Sara wearing a collar and holding a leash brought a smile to Mrs. "Who did you bring with you" asked the young woman. Anderson tell her husband she and Sara were having an affair. While in the garage, Sara noticed his old collar and leash. The sound of a car door broke Sara out of her trance. Her thighs we slick from the juices leaking out of her. Anderson was not there Sara felt she would go insane. She ran her hand up her leg, over her stomach and between her breasts until she reached her collar. She wants to rip the blindfold from her face and find out who else is in the room, but she resisted the temptation.

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