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I have been in this situation when I was 18, my gf at the time was 13. (age of consent in Canada at the time was 14) Her daughter was in grade 10, self schooling at home on correspondence, and worked full time.On more than a few occaisions law enforcement became aware we were a couple and said and did nothing.She trusted me enough that she had me move in with them.She saw her daughter as an adult and really she was.

But that goes with just about any boy with a fourteen-year-old daughter unless I find my daughter to be particularly trustworthy.its THE most common age diff for relationships in New Zealand schools and the questions been thrown around our national rock radio stations lol. We could try and fix it, but unfortunately the other 50% don't believe in euthanasia.It would depend on the boy regardless of age difference. By the way, police wouldn't do anything about a 14 year old and 17 year old dating regardless of laws unless someone complained.When her mother is right next to us and obviously aware and fine, it isn't their concern anymore. Age of consent laws are there to protect, and sometimes there are good reasons for 14 year olds and 17 year olds to be a couple. Reacting "zomg its illegal for you to be with your BF" is ridiculously useless and does more harm.Age of consent covers sex anyways, not relationships. Couldn't say without knowing something about the personality and moral sensibility of the boy.

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