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And so the first dating sim I ever played taught me two important things: Sometimes, the best characters are the ones you don’t get to play as, but that you have to pursue instead.

That was especially true as a woman growing up playing games and desperately looking for a role model.

Random guides seem to have one or two of the first events for each girl but that’s the best information you’re going to find.

I haven’t listed the events here because I didn’t want to include incomplete information.

It’s why I still love games where finding love is just as important as fighting off monsters ...

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

The five eligible bachelorettes in (one of the few Harvest Moon games that only lets you play as a dude) work around town, and they each need vastly different things before they’ll even considering marrying you.There are also several events with each girl that you can trigger in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature if you meet certain conditions.During these events you’ll often get the opportunity to make a choice which will either get you a pretty large amount of affection points, do nothing, or lower their affection levels.The standard dating sim logic applies in this videogame, more often than not just tell the girl what she wants to hear and that will be the best choice.There seems to be an event for each heart level with each girl but unfortunately there’s very little information about them on the Internet.

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