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In the months I spent recovering from my break-up with Joe, I tortured myself with the idea that it would be impossible to ever find a guy who didn’t want to procreate.But it’s not like partners who don’t want children are magical unicorns — 28 percent of US households are comprised of married couples without children, and that doesn’t even touch on the wide variety of childless non-married partnerships out there.A few months after Joe and I broke up, I met my current boyfriend, who is not just on the same page as me about the kids issue, but about all future-related issues — and it made me realize how much Joe and I actually differed on many topics, not just the kids one.Joe got married soon after, and is expecting his first kid any minute now (or so Facebook tells me). And all we had to do to get them was go through the awkward business of being honest.But though it’s going to hurt like any dumping, remember that your partner didn’t end a “perfectly good relationship” — though it was perfectly good for you, to them, the assurance that they can have a child in the future is part of what they need to keep going.Yell, cry, burn a tiny effigy made of their hair in your backyard — you know, all the usual break-up stuff — but just remember that this is a “real” problem for a relationship, and this it’s better for this to happen now than years down the road. If someone knows that their long-term goals don’t match yours, but still wants to hang out, it might be that you guys have yourselves a casual relationship — in which case, what you’re planning on doing six months from now doesn’t even matter, let alone six years, so just go to Bangsville together and don’t worry about it.

Who goes and ends a perfectly good relationship over a baby who doesn’t even exist??SMELL THE DESPERATION Even if you’ve not managed to secure a date for a month, a year or since Reagan was in The Whitehouse, focus your energy on keeping your desperation at bay: women can smell it in a crowded bar from 20 paces.Get things in perspective: you’re just popping over for a chat, saying hi, seeing if you click. A FINE LINE Despite what you might have read elsewhere, unless you’ve the acting chops of Leonardo Di Caprio – and the looks to go with it – at all costs avoid a ‘line.’ You may think, “Somebody call God because he’s missing an angel” is totally hilarious, but a) it’s not and b) even if it was, you can’t deliver that line with the merest hint of authenticity. It’s not you, it says nothing about you, and it places you amongst the throngs of men who have nothing original to say.At the risk of sounding like the narration of a wildlife documentary, approaching women out in their natural habitat should be done with both extreme care and a little caution.Go in with too much noise and fervor, and you could find your prey scuttling away unexpectedly and without warning.

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