Intimidating a guy

The problem is you don't want women to laugh at your expense nor do you want to make a joke about her looking fat in that dress.

Humor that comes across as meanspirited or too self-deprecating.

Yes money, game and good looks help but if the girl is really hot enough, she'll have TONS of options and there will ALWAYS be someone who is richer, better looking, has tighter game on a particular night but it's that authentic connection you develop with the girl that will keep her around.This type of speculation doesn't serve much purpose in real life. Sure Kevin Hart gets laid, but I seriously doubt he can get laid like a gangsta rapper does. Ted Bundy looked like a choir boy, but once he got sent to prison for rape and murder.... Gangster Rappers are very popular because they mix this with financial affluence. I will tell you that the most intimidating scary men I know are in the US Army.The "archetype most women are attracted to" has elements of both. I will tell you that the most intimidating scary men I know are in the US Army. If you try to dress like a biker or get tattoos to look tough, then you just end up looking like these guys: You can't fake it.I used to go events almost every week, meeting a lot of people.My FB friend list added over hundred people each year. Don't mean to sound so simple, but you'll have to define that for yourself.

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Note: It also depends if the girl has more of an S personality or M personality.

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