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Fortunately for i Phone owners, you don't need to switch to Android if you want to enjoy virtual experiences. It'll be June's WWDC event at the earliest before we learn of any plans to jump into VR, but don't hold your breath: Tim Cook thinks AR (augmented reality) is cooler than VR.Once you're "inside," you can zoom in or out by tilting your head right or left.It's an interesting way to travel the globe, with destinations ranging from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Your phone can transport you far away (virtually speaking) from reality. Based on the wildly popular augmented-reality astronomy app of the same name, this self-proclaimed "VR planetarium" lets you explore our solar system in a way that's totally unique.For example, Relax VR: Rest & Meditation plops you into various serene, photo-realistic locales, where it's just you and a guided meditation or meditative music. You simply look around at the stars and focus on any planet, moon or constellation. True to its name, the newspaper's VR app brings you a wide variety of news and features stories in glorious 360 degrees.After a moment, the app displays information about what you're seeing. The videos range in length from under a minute to as long as 9 minutes, and you can either stream or download them.

Developer Luca Todesco has tweeted a photo of a hacked i OS 13 beta 8 build running on his i Phone X.

The next best thing, at least for now: Virtual Reality Moon.

On this free (but heavily ad-supported) trip, you're instantly transported to the moon's surface, where you can see both Earth and the International Space Station in the distance.

The company says that under “very rare circumstances,” the display on these wearables can crack along the rounded edge.

A recent report said that Apple is still working on a Tile like Bluetooth tracker.

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