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We are contemplating raising our kids with both religions.

They go to the Jamat Khana on fridays, but also go to classes in the hindu temple. I would want my children to learn about both religions - especially the philosophical underpinnings.

So I think it could be super easy - but could also be a challenge depending on how seriously you take your parents' wishes, and the extent to which those wishes are discriminatory/racist/old-fashioned. Those are pretty much Hindu hymns (sorry, I don't know what they're called) with a few words changed.

We love each other and she lights up my life, though how we would raise a family has been a topic of contention.I can give you my views or what it was like for me, but it’s different for every single family.It depends how tolerant you both are of each other’s faith and understanding what makes each of you happy.What you're suggesting will only highlight that, but will also make obvious the contradictory and incompatible views on reality.Growing up in Canada will only exacerbate that by introducing so many other contrasting views.

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It is an important topic that people here cannot help you with.

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