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When you did start listening, what were the most common objections to the book?An unhealthy view of romance and sexuality – in particular the idea that the human heart is this limited resource so don’t give some of it away.Instead of just saying: “I want to take the time to get to know you, and I want to make a really informed decision about who I marry,” there was a sense of: “This needs to be serious from the get-go.”Some people have said the book comes across as legalistic and lacking in grace…I had a whole chapter – probably one of the highlights of the book – that talks about Jesus covering all of our mistakes and that his grace is what makes it possible for us to move forward and so on…Oh, so did those critics miss that chapter then?Well, it’s an interesting thing with grace, because you can have the right qualifying statements or a chapter on forgiveness, but if there is still an emphasis on what you have to do, that can end up sabotaging your emphasis on grace in ways you don’t even realise.There’s data – whether that’s people saying: “This helped me get out of an unhealthy lifestyle, and I married my spouse because this book gave me good insight,” or people saying: “Hey, this didn’t work – this actually damaged me.This traumatised me.”Those voices began to be heard online, but honestly, I didn’t pay enough attention. I think it was easy for me to just write people off as haters.

I remember reading criticism early on but I had people around me at the time who were saying: “You just need to stand your ground”, “You need to be a strong leader”, “You’re too worried about people’s criticism.” So I shoved all that aside.

Anna, they don’t mean anything to me now, but I’ve given part of my heart to each of them.”.

Many of these ideas were already popular in the home-schooled, Bible belt American context that Harris grew up in.

Anna stands at the altar on the day she has dreamed about for months. But as the minister leads Anna and David through their marriage vows, the unthinkable happens. Harris also advocated for strict boundaries within this: no kissing, no holding hands and no being alone together before you tie the knot.

A woman stands up in the middle of the congregation, quietly walks to the front and takes David’s hand. Perhaps most famously, he recommended only beginning a relationship with someone if you could picture yourself marrying them in the near future.

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