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Most of the other girls are colleagues only, and clients are often just that.

It can be lonely for the girl, so if there is talk of some sort of continuity, whether as friends or lovers, a little humanity takes the place of that lonliness.

Now because of our regular association, she offers me a reduced rate.

So I suggested that if she needs more business, she can always post the same reduced rate that she gives me on her ads and I am sure that would generate some interest. I said why not - she is the one who needs more business.

I used to think hobbying was biding your time between marriages. I fear my next wife, if there is one, may be a "former" working girl. Sex, money, touch, stimulation, gratification, acceptance, freedom, what you will, a good life.

But I think what Tman said in the Natal thread is right on; once a girl accepts cash for sex, her thinking is forever changed (for the worse). The question then is, is it really so different from the way civilian women think, and a reason to never entertain anything serious with a program girl?

It's at those moments you notice a desperation, deeply hidden, but unmistakable.They might can stop for a while but they are always vulnerable to a bigger fish.Sucks, because I've got this chick I'm crazy about, but I know I'm the poor cousin on her list now.I've often scoffed at that notion, even though I know what they often must endure.Once the sex begins, however, the human factors kick in and when it's good, it's very good.

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She bases that on her assessment of beauty, her inferiority or superiorty complex, and what the competetion (that they come to know of) is doing and charging.

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  1. In many places, that stigma lingers today, which could give the studies linking it to unsuccessful marriages some staying power.“Popular beliefs tend to die hard, even in the face of evidence that might disconfirm them,” Lehmiller said.