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The fundamental premise behind most dating services for young people is that the ultimate goal is to find love and marriage.

Or, as we have been often asked by older women considering prospective male companions: are they truly looking for companionship, or someone to nurse them through their later years?

Stitch Update: the more we talk to the people registering for Stitch, the more we have come to understand how important the issue of trust is (and how absent it is in most online dating sites today).

The profile selection page from paints a clear picture: young people dating have a well-defined set of filters, which they use to help them find that “perfect” match.

They range from depression to anger as I want to make you both pay for your deceit.If it’s looking like she won’t even consider the possibility of taking a break with the guy or making a compromise with you until it’s worked out then consider maybe taking a mini break from her.It doesn’t mean she has to dump him right away because you say so, but she should at least be willing to tone it down or come up with some other idea to help you.Much of the time, when trying to meet new people, we’re encouraged to “just get out and do stuff!” As we consider which things to go “get out and do,” let’s listen to the little kid inside of us and stick with what we’re into.instead of just saying goodbye and never running into you again…

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Dear Dish-it, My second best friend in the whole entire world is still dating my ex.

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