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If you are interested in someone romantically, you likely want to express it to them so that you can develop a connection with them.One way to tell if a person “likes you like that” is to notice if they touch you.If you push a person when they are agitated or angry, they may explode on you.Observing their body language can help you prevent this from happening.Sometimes, a person who has a crush on you will express it through touch by putting their hand on your arm or leg.Once you feel that warm touch, you get the cue that they like you. You can reciprocate their action by touching their hand, which may lead to you holding hands with each other.

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” If the person is about to have a panic attack (or if they are already having one), they may not be able to answer your question, but their answer or their body language will let you know if something is not right.

Then, you can take the opportunity to get them a glass of water or direct them to a quiet area.

If someone is on the Autism spectrum, however, they might have difficulty making eye contact. It merely says that eye contact is a challenge for them.

The same can also be true for those who live with ADHD.

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