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I have to stress that the purpose of this feature is neither to demonise, nor to sanitise this turbulent period, because in my opinion, history has to be viewed within the context of the prevailing circumstances; consequently in order to evaluate properly the morality and sexual mores of that time, one has to understand fully the harsh living conditions when life expectancy was half what it is now, when poverty and even starvation were rampant, when plague, cholera, typhoid, vermin-carried diseases and smallpox frequently ravaged Malta’s towns and villages, and when fear of slavery or a life of abject servitude seemed an inevitable fate.It must also bear in mind that it took time for the tenets of the Council of Trent (1574) to take root, especially with regard to the sacrament of matrimony, such an important component in Christian life, with the result that it was in complete disarray.When Joanna was 14, he appointed procurators to intervene with the Pope and cardinals to procure her legitimisation.On the other hand, Joannes obtained international recognition in Mathematics and Astronomy, and according to the late Chev.Quite naturally, this privilege, haughtiness and rapacious attitudes of the barons of Mdina was repugnant and offensive to humble village folk.Generally, the conduct of men towards illicit sex was vaguely permissible while it was unpardonable in women, and all the perfumes of Arabia would not wash away the indelible stigma on the family honour.

For example, in the parish of Porto Salvo, Valletta, there were 5,174 illegitimacies between 17, amounting to 25.7 per cent of the population.In Vittoriosa, the number was 400, that is, six per cent of the population.By comparison, the number in rural Siġġiewi was 34, or 0.8 per cent of the entire population of 4,498.The situation in Spain and Switzerland was not much better, with parishioners insisting that priests must have concubines as a measure of protection for their wives.With the Counter Reformation and the strictures of the Council of Trent, the situation in Malta began to change for the better, particularly with the opening of the seminary in Mdinaby Bishop Mgr Paolo Alpheran de Bussan (1728-1757).

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