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He served as president of France from 2007 to 2012, trying to lead his nation through a complex world economic crisis.

Step-brother Olivier is a prominent investment banker.

Rumor has it, he was revved up and ready to race down the aisle after just ten months of dating, but Mary-Kate supposedly made him slow his roll.

They reportedly dated for three years, buying a .5 million townhouse in Manhattan before tying the knot. around much is because they're usually in the City of Light.

Plus, there's the aforementioned half-brother president thing. Perhaps in an odd twist of twindom, Ashley was been linked to artist Richard Sachs when she was 30 and he was 56.

That kind of attention tends to suck all sorts of dirty laundry into the public eye, but Mr. When these two have been caught in public, it's all cuddles and kisses and locked hands and doting pats. The twins were even been spotted on numerous double dates together with their significant others.

The insane domicile includes a hall of mirrors, a rooftop swimming pool, a massive garage, an artist's studio, a working elevator, and a private garden with fountain. romance, at the expense of the elder husband, of course. When the couple finally tied the knot in 2015, they didn't make it an ostentatious affair. We feel bad for this '90s sitcom dad, his once-full house so empty. "Mary-Kate has a fabulous life with Olivier and they spend a lot of time in Paris where they are both very happy," an insider said.

Sarkozy is the head of the Global Financial Services group at The Carlyle Group, focusing on investing in management buyouts, growth capital opportunities and strategic minority investments in financial services.One witness told , "Olivier is a longtime friend of Richard's.They have the same group of friends, so it's possible he may have introduced them …From season 2 to season 7 they were shown as Mary Kate Ashley Olsen so the audience didn't know they were twins.In the final season - season 8 - they were shown as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle.

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