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and in their reflection she saw him hide his face in her hair, felt his breath steamy at her throat, and watching George's hips rise high toward the ceiling, his marbled pillar bridging their bodies, she barely got out "ok - ' before he broke back into her ass with 180 lb. George didn't go any easier on her, but he sobbed into the back of her neck at the scent of blood, and she wept a little easier.drives bigger than all the past hour's thrusts as one. And alighting her behind as bright as a match head - and so soon since his especially thorough orgasm - this searing fuck-bludgeoning of her rectum from above could potentially continue for ... And in the closing moments of their tear they together wrung from themselves the last of the evening's lusts with a Herculean dribble and a tumultuous trickle, George ejaculating again into his sister, and Maggie, in spite of herself, as well cumming with him while the timer to their right blindly blinked zeros at them with mute, digital impassiveness, it's exact signal for them to quit having another hour ago imperceptibly passed unacknowledged.§§§ Maggie sat straddling her brother, wearing only one of his dress shirts and twirling her bikini panties around her index finger, watching him wake up. Stirring from sleep, trying to roll onto his side between her thighs, George opened his eyes and confusedly wondered if this all hadn't already happened before exchanging morning breath with his sister when she kissed him. she said, and got off of him to leave for her own apartment.

She re-emerged obsolete-chic, dressed in a fitted black turtleneck sweater, a short plaid skirt, and knee-high boots; George was dressed to not kill, conservative-blah this side of invisible.They held hands while idly strolling the narrow streets and window-shopping, their waning folk-rock recognition for once welcome, and talked of movies, music, the weather, the store-front displays, lively speaking of anything except last night, thinking only of it. It had been re-sized, fit perfectly, and was still junk. George said they'd shop for one worth a small mortgage tomorrow, and she told him to shut up, I want this one.She knew with a smile every time he stole a glance at her backside and he thought all the while, with great satisfaction, of the scar of last night's sex, the evidence of his presence, curtained under her skirt and tucked neatly between her cheeks. He instead reached into his jacket and brought out the tarnished, low-gold band he'd given to her when they were kids but had secreted from her some time ago. They both felt far more comfortable for now not really mentioning last night but for eye contact between them and its promise of the sex they knew they would someway do with each other, brother and sister, tonight and in subsequent nights, their perversity for now still clandestine even in the light of day and among normal people: regular guys and gals and other decent folk, and, paradoxically in spite of the sex-shop two blocks down the street in the other direction that they didn't know was there - striping, raw-hide leather whips, drop cloths, locking fur-lined steel handcuffs, and rubber masks and gags Since 1981- they assumed themselves for as long as they were anywhere but home to be the whole goddamn world's sole freak show.She felt her brother still huge and invasive inside her, a plowing, cylindrical enormity crowding her aft-cache replete beyond his actual dimensions, his pubic stubble prickling, and Maggie laid her face again alongside the upholstery between her grips of the sofa back.Glancing at the timer, she saw their hour well over half-elapsed but, at this rate, still hundreds of thrusts from finished; his accumulative strokes would amount to a half-mile ride before they were through, she thought, 10 long inches after another: his hands steering her hips, and herself, their journey - her brother as a bus smoothly bombing up her backcountry.

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George listened to Maggie recite the porn-queen script, barreling into her what felt like from across the room, and waited for her to really speak to him. George carried Maggie to his bedroom and dropped her into bed among his giant pillows and sweat-soured sheets and pillowcases, not letting her hide from him.

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