Most intimidating mascot

He once invaded a Toronto city council meeting to celebrate a playoff series victory, rubbed a bald guy’s head (inset) and left.

November 20, 2010; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers mascot Mike the Tiger celebrates following a touchdown against the Mississippi Rebels during the second half at Tiger Stadium. The mascot for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame fits the culture and spirit of the University. Here's a look at other beloved mascots — considered the "best" in college football.

And some were just brilliantly bizarre – check out #11 or #2 to find particularly good examples of these.College is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, largely due to being surrounded by fresh-thinking, eager students, and a strong camaraderie (and sometimes the lure of cheap beer).Colleges and universities look to capitalize on these feelings by generating school spirit, an abstract concept often summed up and brought out by a college mascot.Four-year-olds with sideways hats are actually incredibly frightening creatures, though.The thought of a playground rumble with Lil’ Red is still scarier than Bucky.

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