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So I interviewed over 1,000 single men and women to ask why they had initial interest in your online profile but then suddenly vanished, or why first dates didn’t lead to second dates.

I want you to use this information as power, enabling you to have better success when the right person comes along next time.So, you have a new boyfriend, which is always exciting.You’re getting to know each other and everything is all giggly and new.So I called James myself and just asked him for the truth, and he was surprisingly willing to talk.Sure, I had to use my charm to get past his initial “there was just no chemistry” answer, but he opened up after a few gentle, probing questions.

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Of course, they didn’t change who they were or pretend to be someone they weren’t, but they simply minimized certain comments or behaviors which I discovered were turn-offs by dates who didn’t call or email them back.

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