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The loan shark claims she borrowed 10,000 yuan—at an annual interest rate of 24%—for an abortion after an accidental pregnancy.

Everyone in the chat room will be able to see the Confetti if someone type a keyword that triggers it.Note: These tips and tricks were tested on an Android device. Recommended Reading: 10 Whats App Tips And Tricks That You Should Know Sharing video on We Chat is fairly easy but for some reason sharing videos on Moments is not available yet.However, there is a trick for you to share your uploaded video and send it to Moments.When in a group conversation, @ pulls up the list of names of friends who are in the same chat group.This way, you can quickly choose who you want to mention just by picking the name from the listed suggested names.

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Shady online P2P lenders have aggressively expanded on college campuses.

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